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I found this plugin and it had almost everything I needed after I purchased an extension. What's ever better is that every time I got stuck, I could reach out to Eyal and get an answer. Honestly, he is hands down the best support I've come across throughout all the WP plugins, themes, and hosting platforms I've ever used. Keep up the great work!

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This was top of the line support and great patience to help me solve my issue. Thank you so much. I went through just about every plugin that was similar, even multiple paid plugins. None of them came close to the features offered in Geo My Wp. I've purchased a few of the add-ons and plan on getting the rest as well. Aside from the quality and feature set of the plugin, the support is unparalleled. Eyal was very fast in getting back to me and even went as far as installing a custom version of the plugin for me to make sure it worked with my custom build.

If you're doing anything related to geo searching or tagging, don't download anything else but GeoMyWP.


The plugin is awesome but you probably already knew that from reading the reviews. I use it on a Buddypress site. What is even better is the support!

Eyal is the man! I had a problem with an outdated theme file. He not only found the problem, he sent me the code to fix it! I have had amazing support before but this takes the prize. Thank you! Contributeurs Eyal Fitoussi. Le développement vous intéresse? Journal 3. See the changelog of version 3. Fix: get directions link does not work properly. Fix: filter typo. The location form will geocode the address field instead of the coordinates.

Fix: form ID value is missing from the data-id attribute of the search results template files due to missing each. The xProfile Custom Field Type plugin by donmik is deprecated and is no longer supported. Tweak: modify the order-by distance clause to accept multiple order-by items in the query. Tweak: correct misspelled filters. Old filters are still there but will be removed in the future. Tweak: modify the search form taxonomy function.

Fix: pagination issue when form is on the front-page. Enhancement: add indexes to the locations table to improve search queries performance. Tweak: pass additional data to the map location. Tweak: save geocoded data in a transient for 7 days only instead of to reduce transients.

Tweak: reduce cache expiration. Tweak: remove where clause of coordinates to improve the SQL query. Fix: verify that member data exists during members query to prevent error messages. Enhancement: WordPress coding standards. Fix: fatal error caused by a misspelled function name.

Wrong DB option was being used to check if the updater is enabled. New: show debug message when geocoder fails. New: API Testing tab added to tools page. Update: update chosen library to v1. Improvement: improve the Members Locator proximity search query.

working on these APIs W3C

This should improve performance and make it easier to modify the query. Improvement: Geocoder classes were improved and work better with the new server key. Tweak: improve the location form. New arguments added. Tweak: Many location functions were modified to retrieve data based on specific location ID. This can be used when an object has multiple locations. Tweak: set region and language in default args to make it possible to modify it.

Tweak: verify that blog ID exists before using it in the query to prevent warning messages. Tweak: apply min-height to multi-select box type Xprofile Fields. Tweak: allow HTML tags in admin and form settings description. Tweak: Make sure coordinates are in float formate before saving to the database. Tweak: save the post title as location name if none provided. Tweak: add premise DB column to the search queries. Tweak: update dashboard links to the new documentation site. Hooks: new filter to modify the content of the gmw excerpt function before the more link is added to it.

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Hooks: new action hooks before and after form fields. Fix: parseint icons size to prevent error with info-windows. Fix: some search queries get locations that belong different object type.


Fix: clear user query cache when friendship status changes to allow friendship status to update in GEO my WP results. Fix: remove extra spaces from the address field before it is being geocoded to prevent geocoding issues. Fix: default language in Google map direction link. Fix: issue with the default coordinates of the directions link. Fix: wrong text domain in some places. Fix: Spelling. Fix: trim radius values in the dropdown to prevent extra spaces.

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Fix: remove some Interaction states and other jQuery styling which are no longer needed and cause for conflicts. Fix: issue with the temporary fix for the post status issue. Fix: use empty instead of false to verify the address in the search results and prevent it from returning blank. Fix: linked address does not work properly. Fix: Verify that the location form values exist when the form first loads to prevent error messages. Fix: location is not being verified when retrieved using the locator button of the location form. Fix: update location in the cache when location updated.

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